Saturday, February 04, 2012

PP and SGK Controversy


The Planned Parenthood (PP) and Susan G. Komen (SGK) dispute  is not over, even if SGK backtracks completely. The real culprits here form a trifecta of cohorts, and I believe it is likely that they, along with other unknown persons, deliberately set out to sabotage PP by using their positions at SGK, along with a Congressman.

I will need to check the dates of when Stearns opened his investigation, and the dates that Raffaelli and Handel assumed their positions at SGK to postulate clearly, but I don't have time to do that the next couple of days. However here's my very strong hunch:

(1) U.S. Rep Cliff Stearns (R, FL) is on the Energy and Commerce and Veterans' Affairs committees, nothing to do with women's health, yet he opened a Congressional  "investigation" of PP.

(2) John Raffaelli, a top Washington DC lobbyist, is on the board of SGK, and heads SGK's Race for the Cure. To my chagrin he is a graduate of American University and a Democrat, which seems like a contradiction to what he may have advised Nancy Brinker
, founder and CEO of SGK, to do.

Speaking as a member of the SGK Board, he admitted to NY Times that the "Komen Board adopted changes to its grant-funding process . . . specifically to end its relationship with Planned Parenthood, because Raffaelli said that Komen had become increasingly worried that an investigation of Planned Parenthood by Representative Cliff Stearns [R, FL], would damage Komen’s credibility with donors."

(3) Karen Handel, also recently appointed Senior Vice President, Public Policy, ran as a Republican for governor of Georgia advocating the bringing down of PP, and opposing same sex marriage. She was endorsed by former governor, Sarah Palin, and lost.  Brinker
said in an interview with MSNBC  that "Handel did not play a significant role in the policy change." [Note the adjective, "significant".]

Seems to me that Brinker, does not know all that has been going on within SGK. I was awestruck by her naivete. I, on the other hand have spent a lifetime (literally) studying fascism, propaganda, politics, the psychology of communication, covert operations, and the tactics of Karl Rove, which mimic that of the Nazis combined with those of the Israeli Massad (
Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations). I know, it's an Oxymoron. However, I smell a big rat.

Here's how I see it, Handel is in charge of public policy. Raffaelli is on the SGK board as head of The Race for the Cure. Both surely have the undivided attention of Brinker, who most likely respects their advice.

Stearns launches his so-called investigation. Stearns and Handel are Republicans. Raffaelli, a huge DC lobbyist, is going to advocate for whatever Congressman Stearns wants. Wallah, there's the crew to bring down PP.

There may be a previous connection between the three of them outside of SKG. All three have publicly expressed their displeasure of PP, plus Stearns and Handel have publicly expressed their stances against abortion. This warrants further investigation.

Underlying this? The three of them don't like PP because it performs abortions for financially challenged women, and they could have manipulated Brinker. I think she is clueless.



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