Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Karen Handel Resigns from SGK

First, please read the previous post below this one for more about this issue, more links, and to understand this one better. At Susan G. Kormen (SGK) for the Cure (breast cancer), Karen Handel resigned as VP of Kormen yesterday.

That is a step forward for SGK. However, some don't know that the reversal apparently says, "Planned Parenthood may apply for funding." There is no guarantee of SGK getting it, so there is more to do.

The investigation, spearheaded by U.S. Representative Cliff Sterns (R, FL, 6th District), was cited by Karen Handel when she pushed the SGK "policy" to deny funding to any organization undergoing an investigation.

Now, the biggest problem for SGK is Representative Cliff Sterns, who initiated the Congressional investigation of SGK in the U.S. House of Representatives. Luckily, he is in a state of political limbo. His 6th District has been redrawn, and he is now in the 11th District, although that district has not yet been carved in stone. Republicans are still hassling over the boundaries. 

Sterns, 72, must run for re-election this year, and all Florida Congressional Districts have been redrawn due to the 2010 census. It turns out that Rep. Sterns will run in the 3rd District, not his new District 11, because he can choose to do that since 60 - 70% of his constituents are now in the 3rd. He can choose to do that even though he lives in Ocala, FL, not in the 3rd District. This will be his 13th run for Congress.

The 3rd District is currently represented by Democrat Corrine Brown (African-American, 65), who has represented the district for 20 years. The current representative for Florida’s 11th Congressional District is Democrat Kathy Castor (D, European-American, 45), and Sterns would have only about 30% of his previous constituents. Therefore, his best hope to survive was to choose the 3rd District. Or, was it?

One of the organizations which solicit action from members on this issue is It also solicits money. I welcome comments on this blog, no solicitations but, coming soon, you may signup to join or follow it.  ;-D


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