Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ice Storm of 2009

Sorry that I have not posted in over two weeks. The Ice Storm of 2009 roared in 26 January and lasted two days. Power is still off. Everywhere I look there are no standing light poles. 90,000 people were out of power in Missouri alone. About 1/2 of them still are.

I have been following what is happening with the Academy Awards, and shall begin posting on my "Mimi at the Movies" blog as soon as possible.

I live in the house my parents built and almost everything is run on Liquid Propane, but my furnace requires electricity to run the circulating fan. I had a laptop but it went down a few days before the storm and I took it to my tech. He determined the problem is the Motherboard. Three days ago, I was able to retreive it. It is now in wthe hands of UPS going to Temple, Texas, for repair or replacement. Meanwhile, I have rented a laptop and am charging it in my car.

The Red Cross was here, but they have turned over their Meals on Wheels and meals at the local community center to the Salvation Army. If anyone would like to help the people in Missouri and Arkansas, they are being asked to send a check to the Salvation Army and/or the Red Cross and mark their check "Ice Storm 2009 Relief." You may designate a particular state, if you wish. Your contribution is tax deductible, and since almost 1/2 million have been affected in.six states, they will certainly appreciate any donation.

At first, the only heat I had was from my propane cookstove. I have a propane line into my house, so a friend went out and bought me a propane infared wall heater that does not need venting. He hooked it up and I have been toasty warm. I also have hot water, and a telephone (land line and cell), just no power, so I see by a battery-powered lantern and flashlights.

But, everything considered, I am well and functioning. They say it may be at least another week before power is restored. I'll try to keep you posted.

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