Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ice Storm Fallout

It is now day 19 days since the big storm. I think. Every day is much like the last.

I am still getting a hot meal once a day, fruit and snacks, and ice from the Salvation Army. The Red Cross pulled out over a week ago, but the SA is still here. God bless them and the volunteers in my home town!

Yesterday, I went to a MARC conference at the American Legion building at the County Seat. Filled out a lot of papers, trying to get help to clean up the debris in my yard. We shall see.

When I returned, I noticed that the line hanging down between the pole and my house has been fixed. I think it is the lightning diverter. Also, my outside light was no longer hanging by one chain. It is securely back on the pole. Most important, I found a green sticker on my meter. That means, I am good-to-go!

The word is that we may get electricty about Wednesday. From their lips to God's ears!!

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