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Today is Karl Christian Rove's last day at the White House as G.W. Bush's appointed "Secretary of Propaganda". Rove returned from Texas and traveling with his buddy G.W. a couple of days ago to find his Jaguar, parked in the lot adjacent to the West Wing, covered with plastic wrap. Two stuffed eagle toys were mounted on the trunk, and post-it notes on the car read "King Karl" and "I love Obama." The prank was apparently carried out by insiders as the parking area is heavily patrolled by the Secret Service.
See the video at CBS News.

Will Rove actually be gone? Hardly. A couple of weeks ago after he made his resignation statement 21 August, he immediately made the rounds on the Sunday political talk shows before flying off with G.W. Of course, he aimed his venom directly at Hillary Clinton. Rove is good with hate, and he has a lot of it pent up inside him.

G.W. Bush saw this over 16 years ago and immediately realized he could use Karl Rove. G.W. is good at using people for his own aggrandizement and power grabs. You see, G.W. needed a hatchet man knowledgeable in the propaganda techniques of Adolf Hitler's Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, and a man who hated democrats, homosexuals, abortionist as much as Goebbels hated Jews and Marxists. Rove was G.W.'s man.

Listen to Rove when he speaks and listen to what he writes for G. W., and it is easy to surmise that Rove despises all democrats and liberals. He constanly strings the two together in his rhetoric, the aim being to evoke in the mind of the listener negative images of both. He is very good at what he does, and he learned by studying the master, which brings us back to Joseph Goebbels.

Rove relishes making speeches in which he slurs democrats. He never says "the majority of . . ., many . . ., or most democrats." No he says all democrats collectively -- the Goebbels propaganda principal of picking a group (racial, political, intellectual, religious) and telling many defaming lies about them, over and over. At the same time, Goebbels sent others out to repeat exactly what he was saying. In propaganda it is called "the bandwagon effect." It works because, eventually, everyone seems to believe the same thing. Therefore, an individual hears it often from different sources and begins to think, "Everyone else must be right, and I better join them. Now!"

If someone keeps saying over and over that democrats are bad, liberals are bad, all democrats are liberals, all liberals are democrats, and saying it long enough and loud enough, over and over, while getting others to do the same, a listener is indoctrinated without consent and comes to believe all democrats are liberals, and all liberals are bad, or vice versa, therefore, democrats and liberals are bad, evil people. Thus comes hate and division and ultimately, chaos within society. Think, red v. blue states.

Here is the scenario. The general population is anxious and fearful, and some charismatic individual, preferably a male, steps forward and keeps saying, "I, and I alone, can run democrats and liberals out of office and end the chaos." Others are pointing to that individual saying, "He, and he alone, can run democrats and liberals out of office and end the chaos." Ironically, "the chaos" is never defined, but there must be chaos because everyone is talking about it.

Result? That individual, anointed by a few powerful people as the savior of all, wins the election, or in the worse case scenario becomes a dictator and, as was the case with the Nazis, implements the final solution -- physical extermination of all opposition.

Rove used many of Goebbels' propaganda techniques in order to steal elections from the residents of Texas as well as all Americans in the national elections. Many of the same techniques Hitler's guards in his Storm Section (Sturm Abteilung), or popularly known in English as (1) storm troopers and (2) SA Brown Shirts used to take control of the Parliament (Reichstag in Berlin) in 1933, Rove used in Texas and in the presidential elections, especially in the State of Florida. Remember the mobs that assaulted the polling places there in 2000?

Rove officially leaves the White House today, and today Tony Snow announced he is leaving his post as White House Press Secretary in two weeks. He will be replaced by deputy press secretary Dana Perino. Snow, who is battling colon cancer, says he's leaving to make more money.

Now, why couldn't Rove have said that. It would have been more honest than the usual mantra chanted by those departing government service, "I'm leaving to spend more time with my family." Of course, there's an unsung coda to that mantra where Rove is concerned, " Which is what I shall do as soon as I write that million-dollar-plus tell-all book."



NEXT POST - ROVE, PART II, B - - In the next post, more about similarities between Karl Rove and the Joseph Goebbels propaganda machine. In later posts, what is Karl Rove's birth name and why is he now distancing himself from the Rove family?

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