Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Karl Rove, the chief neo-conservative (a.k.a., neo-con) choked back tears as he made his final speech on the White House lawn before boarding the presidential helicopter for a free ride back to Texas last week with his good buddy G.W. Bush. Rove was, as usual, freeloading at U.S. taxpayers' expense. That's what he has been doing for years. Never elected to an office. Never a Senate-confirmed appointee. Nah. He's simply a good ole buddy of his boss G.W. who needs him 24-7. Yeah. Right.

Rove said he was leaving the White House because of his family, especially his son. Who knew? Karl Rove has a family? A son? Whoa. What rock have they been hiding under and why is Rove acknowledging them now?

So, what could be the real reason Karl Rove is leaving. I posture two reasons that would cause him to leave now:

1. Rove is, to borrow the elder Bush's phrase, in "deep doo doo," and could face prosecution due to his role in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson. It is best that he leave now and hope that if he is found guilty, a conviction that could carry the death penalty, G.W. will still be in office to give him a quick pardon before January 20, 2009. Can you say Scooter Libby?

2. Rove got full credit for G.W.'s elections as governor of Texas (twice) and as president of the United States (twice). However, Rove's despicable tactics of fostering hate and derision didn't work in 2006. Both the Democrats and many Americans (Democrats plus a few wise Republicans) finally got what he is about. Rove failed, and rather than acknowledge his defeat outright, he uses his family as an excuse to make a quick exit. Who will heap upon his head the blame he so rightly deserves for this failure? Obviously, not G.W.

Please ponder the above a couple of minutes before reading onward.

Tom Toles is an editorial cartoonist with The Washington Post. He is also Pulitzer Prize winner. From time to time, I post one of his cartoons on
Tolerance's Page. I particularly like this one, and wish to share it with you:

NEXT in Karl Rove Bye-Bye. Part II, A: What is Rove's real last name? What does he have in common with the late Adolf Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, the late Joseph Goebbels. Does Rove have a dual citizenship U.S. and Germany? Why is Rove so filled with hate. Is it because Rove is secretly in love with Hillary Clinton and hates Bill because Bill has her and Karl never will? Perhaps, he also hates Hillary because she stands a good chance of being president of the U.S.A. in 2009, and Rove stands none, ever?
Will we see and hear more from Rove? You bet your biffy. The political soap opera continues . . . . .

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