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Rove and Bush -- Best Buds

NOTE: See below for previous posts about Karl Rove (PART I, and PART II, A)

Karl Christian Rove has been called "Bush's Brain." Joseph Goebbels is still called "The man behind Hitler". A comparison between these two men can be made.

Although no one knows for sure about anything connected to Rove, many incidents and his family connections are widely reported on the Internet. One is that in the 1990s when G.W. Bush was going to make a run at a gubernatorial race in Texas, he needed someone with a heart full of hate for Democrats to act out what G.W. wanted done without implicating himself. It's called transference. Transfer the bad thoughts and actions to someone else and keep thyself looking lily white. Richard Nixon was a master practitioner of transference and G.W. is as well. So, who best for G.W. to take onboard but lying, conniving Karl Rove?

When G.W. met Rove he had spent a little time working for the Democratic organization in Texas. Just enough time to steal documents from their office that would help the Republicans win elections -- think Watergate. Rove has never hidden his hatred of Democrats in general, as well as the then Texas Governor Ann Richards and those pesky Clintons of Arkansas in particular.

In 1942, Hitler said: "Dr. Goebbels was gifted with the two things without which the situation in Berlin [taking over Parliament and seizing complete power] could not have been mastered: verbal facility and intellect.

Hitler had good reason to praise his colleague, for it was Goebbels who had created the "f├╝hrer myth," orchestrating a pseudo-religious worship of Hitler as the savior of Germany from Jews, profiteers, and Marxists. Hitler and Goebbels were best buds. Goebbels was always at Hitler's side. They practically lived together. Hu-u-u-um.

Now, let's do a transference of Goebbels to Rove the man, who in his role as chief spin doctor, created the 'God has chosen and blessed G.W. to be president of the United States myth,' orchestrating a pseudo-religious worship of G.W. as the savior of America from terrorists, abortionists, homosexuals, and Muslims. Hu-u-u-um.

Got the creeps yet? At any rate, you must admit that Rove is a master of "verbal facility". I am not so sure about the "intellect" part of this comparison, although Republicans are always touting how intelligent he is.

Joseph Goebbels was a short man, with one foot crippled from Polio. He walked with a limp and often used a cane [think Herr Flick on Allo' Allo']. Goebbels was a devout Roman Catholic consumed with hatred for Jews [think Mel Gibson], Marxists, and the then elected democratic Weimar Republic of Germany [think Francisco Franco of Spain].

Goebbels said in 1932, "We are entering the Reichstag [Parliament], in order that we may arm ourselves with the weapons of democracy from its arsenal. We shall become Reichstag deputies in order that the Weimar ideology should itself help us to destroy it." [Think neo-cons.]

The White House staff, along with other governmental agencies may have hidden many unsavory truths about Rove, because to reveal certain facts would curry the disfavor of Bush supporters. There are members of the American media who have gathered snippets about Rove's life, but all have failed to investigate the who, what, when, where and whys of Karl Rove. If they have unfavorable information about Rove, they, too, are not revealing it for the same reason as the White House. The media want those one-on-one interviews with the prez and are not about to risk any offense by tattling on Herr Rove.

Americans have been told relatively nothing about the man using the last name of Rove, which now is alleged not really to be his last name, because if his birth name is Rove, changed from the German Rover, Rovener, or Rovener when father Rove immigrated to the U.S., dear cherished Karl has direct genetic ties to a family in Germany who were not only Hitler supporters and built tanks and jeeps for his army, they were openly anti-Semitic, helping to build at least one concentration camp. Mission: Must get rid of that connection, so enter an unnamed man who deserted his family.

I have read that Rove has a dual citizenship with Germany, and I have read that his mother and "Rove" father did, too. What is the truth? When will it be revealed. Who is going to reveal it?

Again, mainly from the Internet, one will quickly surmise that there is nothing simple about Rove, nee Rover, nee Rovner, nee Rovener, or nee whatever the name of that new guy who has recently been revealed. New guy? Well, you see, the new guy is the last "father fact" to surface only a couple of years ago. Rove now says that the mysterious guy is his birth father. That's right. Rove is not Karl's birth name, according to this latest information.

He and his siblings were adopted by his mother's German-born second husband. There is a man, by an unrevealed name supposedly living in California, who is really Karl's birth father. Legally, Karl's last name is Rove.

Wikipedia [Okay, it's not the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and you can't quote it even in a first grade paper but, often as not, the information there is correct.] the son, Andrew Madison Rove was born in 1989 [same year Rove's mother committed suicide], has posted that Rove's biological father [name not given] abandoned the family early on and his mother remarried. The "name not given father" abandoned not only Rove's mother, Reba Wood, but an older brother Eric and younger sister Reba as well.

Rove's adoptive father [the one whose family has the Nazi past], Louis Claude Rove Jr., was a geologist and his mother, Reba Wood, was a gift shop manager. Karl's mother committed suicide in 1989 in Reno, Nevada. Gee, I can't imagine why.

As the soap opera continues to roll, Americans still don't known who Karl Rove REALLY is. [Think BOYS FROM BRAZIL].

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NEXT: PART III of III, Rove's Legal Problems and a not so fond final farewell [we can only hope about "final"].

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