Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin Polls Fall 12 Points

Tom Toles of The Washington Post.

Sarah Palin's poll numbers have fallen 12 points since the Republican National Convention. One-third of registered voters planning to vote for McCain have switched to Obama because of Palin on the Republican ticket. The issues with voters tend to be her lack of knowledge and qualifications, experience, and an erosion of the trust factor.

At the same time, G.W. Bush's approval rating is now 21%. G.W. and Sarah certainly have one thing in common, the way they pronounce "nuclear". Director Oliver Stone calls G.W., "a most dangerous man," and today McCain pulled out of Michigan.

At a recent American Film Event, actor Jim Carrey said (paraphrased), "I am feeling really good about Sarah Palin because I used to live in Canada, and I could see Alaska from there. So I know everything there is to know about her."

If you don't know anything about Jim Carrey, you might interpret that remark as highly complimentary to Palin. If you have seen a Carrey movie, or watched an interview with him, you can assume Carrey really does know more about Palin than she thinks he does.

She watches simpleton sports movies, and can't remember the title of a single magazine or newspaper she read before John McCain tapped her on the shoulder.

The way Sarah Palin speaks: "Before we make a judgment we have got to see what happens a few days after tonight's debate ya betch'a, and hope eye-ran don't pull a nuke-u-ler attack in the meantime."

Well, that's the way she talks, folks - - few paragraphs, few periods, often improper grammar, and a limited vocabulary. I'll be back on the weekend after I check the political polls and financial currents.

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