Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is Palin Beginning to Pale?


Tom Toles of The Washington Post

Is the enthusiasm for Governor Sarah Palin for veep beginning to pale? Many think it is. John McCain hasn't helped by keeping her sequestered, allowing her only limited appearances and mainly with him. She memorized her nomination speech, written by a former G.W. speechwriter. She did such a good job at memorizing and delivering one speech that all she does now is repeat that speech, and repeat it, and repeat it . . . .

One might think she is a princess in waiting for coronation the way McCain and his supporters are treating her. She is far from being much of anything.

I, and many others, consider her undereducated, inexperienced, a pompous know-it-all, and certainly a spotlight-seeking wannabe. Some have actually called her Alaskan trailer park trash. I haven't called her that - - yet.

What she does to the English language is worse than what G.W. does, and she waves her retarded baby like a badge of honor. A baby, which if she is elected will get all of its special care at the expense of the American taxpayers, perhaps for life. That kid's care will burn through thousands and thousands of dollars in the next four years alone, and he will never be a productive member of society.

Any thinking person knows Palin is not equipped to be Vice President of the United States to a 72-year-old-man whose mental faculties will only decrease. After his overreaction to the Wall Street supposed crisis, some think his faculties are failing fast.

He has been treated for cancer two or three times, and anyone who faces reality knows that cancer never goes away for good. It is always waiting to reactivate.

Therefore, if he is elected and re-diagnosed with active cancer, he could be debilitated for an extended time, or die. It can happen to any of us at any time, so the odds are high that it could happen to him in the next four years. In that case, this small-town know-nothing WILL be President of the United States. To even consider this fibbity britches for veep is an affront to our founding fathers, all our ancestors, and everyone who has sacrificed themselves in our wars to preserve our feedom.

Dear God. Please save America from her follies.

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