Sunday, August 24, 2008

Will Angry Clinton Supporters Accept Divorce?

Hopeful Hillary Clinton
Will American Women Vote Their Own Principles?

The question most often being asked by the hosts of the "talking heads" on the television / radio political shows is, "Will Senator Hillary Clinton's supporters vote for the Obama - Biden Democratic ticket?" The response was basically, "Let's wait to see what Hillary says in her speech at the National Democratic Convention on Tuesday night."

There are many organized groups of women who are damn angry about Senator Clinton's miss, and jump to place blame on anyone or anything they possibly can. You know what all this reminds me of? A group of divorced middle-aged hate-all-men-in-the-universe women screamers. I know the type because I have been there. Thankfully, I have passed that stage in my life. I accepted my divorce and moved on years ago, making my own and my children's future my utmost priority.

Psychologically, I think these women are bashing Obama because they can't accept the fact that he dumped Hillary for Joe, i.e., emotionally "divorced her." Come on, ladies. Get over it.

Also, I am one of those older middle-class women who lives in a rural area. Nationally, three out of five such women say they will move from the Democratic Party and vote for John McCain. I am not among them, even before Hillary speaks. I was born a Democrat and I shall die a Democrat. There. Now, you know from where I come.

One of my earliest dreams was to see a woman elected President of the United States in my lifetime. I hoped the bravery of Senator Clinton might make my dream come true. Unfortunately, that dream has been dashed, but I still have a dream, an immediate dream - - to see any and everyone associated with the Bush Administration out of Washington in January 2009!

I do not want them out simply because they are a Republican administration. It is because of the (insert your own expletive) mess they have gotten our country into. The only way to accomplish that dream is to elect as many Democrats (national, state and local) as possible in November, especially the two at the top of the ticket - - Senators Barack Obama and Joseph Biden. This is no time for sulking women to break ranks.

There are a number of Web sites and blogs where women are doing all they can to undermine the Democratic Party with anti-Obama rhetoric, so much so that many have been accused of Republican sponsorship. I checked one of those this morning, "Just Say No Deal," and the venom is still spewing as their representatives head to Denver. Their invitation to those who view their Web site is "Our readers - simply weave the copy: Just Say No Deal or No Deal into the body of your blogpost [sic] or title and submit to"

Whoa! They just flunked English 101, and they call themselves capable of making decisions for the women of America? Not! Anyway, I shall send them the link to this post. I doubt they will post it.

I, myself, cannot let any disappointment or anger about the Democratic Primary results dominate my judgment. I have always made my own decisions based upon what I know and not upon what someone tells me.

For the future of all Americans, I must trust America's women, especially mothers, to make their own decisions without succumbing to brainwashing by any group. For instance, I think Senator Obama's choice of Senator Joseph Biden (Delaware) for his V.P. could not have been surpassed by choosing Senator Clinton. I have watched, paid attention to, admired, and agreed with most of Senator Biden's policy decisions. I think that team in the White House is best for America.

Senator Clinton and her husband bring too much baggage to the race. In other words, too much negative ammunition for the Republican smear machine. It is a safe bet that Karl Rove is again involved in some way, and he is the propaganda Master of Mean.

Therefore, my decision is to MAKE THE DEAL. At every national election, I always think what President John F. Kennedy said at his inauguration, "Ask not what your Country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your Country."

This November 4th, our Country needs each of us more than ever. That's the AMERICAN way.

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