Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC Makes Deal With Senator Clinton?

Inside the Pepsi Convention Center, Denver, Colorado

The speculations running through the news services today are:

(1) Senator Clinton will give a prime-time convention speech Tuesday night, and the following day she will meet with her delegates as a group. She has insisted that she will not tell them how to vote, but she is expected to release them from their pledge to her and urge them to support Senator Obama.

(2) The roll call vote is still scheduled to proceed Wednesday, but the expectation now is that when the New York State delegation is called, Clinton herself will move to elect Senator Obama by acclamation.

(3) The chair should then put the motion on the floor, call for a second and a voice-vote by the entire delegation. I expect delegates to respond, "yes" en mass. Then, Senator Obama will have the nomination without question.

Of course, one big question remains, "Will all those die hard delegates of Senator Clinton accept reality and unite for the good of America, or will some continue to sulk?
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To watch the convention on your computer in HD, full schedules, special events, etc., click title of this post.

For full Prime-Time TV Coverage, beginning at 8:00 PM EDT, check your local PBS station, or click here to find nearest station. Check your local stations.

HINT - The Convention Prime-Time begins at 8:00 EDT / 7:00 CDT (Denver time), and ends at 11 Eastern / 10 Central. The Keynote Address is usually in the 8 - 9 / 9 - 10 hour, and the "major segment" address (Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc.) are scheduled for the 9 - 10 / 10 - 11 hour. Of course, the schedule is subject to change, but they should be at the top of those hours, so don't tune in late.

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