Friday, January 04, 2008

NOW Addresses Negative Obama E-mail

The PBS television show NOW, hosted by David Branccachio, addresses the issue of my last post tonight (Friday, 4 January) in "Dirty Politics 2008," political mudslinging and using the Internet in a malicious way with an intentional attempt to harm the reputation of a political candidate by spreading an untrue rumor. Such rumor-mongering tactics will only increase.

On NOW's Web site they have an entire page devoted to the "Anatomy of a Smear." The very smears against Senator Obama that I address in the previous post are addressed. Listed on the page are Web sites where one may go to check whether a statement made in any medium is "true" or "false." In a box, called "Debunking Resources," seven sites are listed with links. I urge you to visit that page and explore the links.

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