Thursday, January 17, 2008


Oh, happy day! I mailed my absentee ballot for the February 5th super-duper presidential primary. That will be the same candidate, if nominated by his / her party, for whom I shall vote in the national election next fall.

This happy announcement is to let you know that I shall waste no more time paying any attention whatsoever to political ads, or following the polls, pundits, and overly pushy news anchors and reporters. You know who they are. Those who use slurs, euphemisms, and twisted rhetoric to push the candidate their organizations and / or networks endorse.

"Swift Boaters," and "Move On.Org" take note, I shall pay no attention to you or any 527 political PACs, so don't bother sending that e-mail. If it gets past my "spam eater," I shall click delete. You can forget about making that "push" telephone call, too. I'm told the push calls will register all zeros on my caller ID, so I shall not answer.

What a blessed relief, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Of course, I do not vote for any candidate whose platform promotes his / her religion over the general welfare of everyone, gender over good sense, race and bigotry over tolerance, or the candidate downright irritates me.

If the candidate from whom I voted receives his / her party's nomination, I'm already free of any political angst for the rest of this year!!

I pray that I will be able to sing at the top of my lungs after the national election, "Happy Days Are Here Again."

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