Saturday, September 02, 2006


Just when I was ready to ease into a lovely lazy summer, an armed rogue militia group in Lebanon called Hezbollah ("The Party of God") invaded Israel, killed one or two soldiers, and kidnapped two. That was about the same time an armed rogue militia group in Gaza called Hamas ("Islamic Resistance Movement") did the same, and snatched one soldier.

Hamas' charter (written in 1988 and still in force) calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and its replacement with a Palestinian Islamic state in the area that is now Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. There went the summer planned to be restive, contenplative, and just plain lazy.

Israel didn't wait around for the appeasement crap, they bombed the Hades out of Southern Lebanon, including oil tanks. They also bombed the electric plants and water supply in Gaza, and killed some militants in both places.

Hezbollah has its main roots in Syria, and does not want an independent Lebanon. The civilians in South Lebanon who stood staunchly by the Hezbollah gangsters paid the price with their lost lives, broken bodies, shattered homes, and lost livelihoods. What did their fearless leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah say afterwards? "We didn't think Israel would react like that." Surprise! Surprise!

You see, herein lies the problem in Iraq and the entire Middle East. The outlaw militias must be stopped, disabled, completely disarmed, and disbanded. We must start in Iraq. NOW! Of what, or who, is the current U. S. Government afraid?

The Shi'ite sect of Islam is basically Persian by ethnicity, the same as Iranian Muslims, and about half of the Syrians. The Arab States are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, plus smaller states that are members of the United Arab Emirates, and are basically Arab in ethnicity and Sunni in sect.

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain said last Sunday that the Arabs need to step up and help us. The Arabs will not lift a finger to help the Shi'a in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, or Syria, so the U. S. Government need not fear that. On the other hand, they will not help the U. S., either. Why? Because the Arab States are Sunni.

Saddam may have been a bad dictator, but he was a Sunni dictator. The Arabs supported us when we supported him. Surely, they must now be thinking, "The U. S. turned against Saddam without provocation, might they not do the same with Arab States (Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia) and members of the United Arab Emirates?"

Not all Muslims are lumped in one big pot, and not all are Islamic fundamentalist, much less Islamic fascist (A Karl Rove term, not mine). Of course, the words Karl Rove puts into G.W.'s mouth, and the mouths of the rest of the Bush Bunch are figments of the Rove/Rover family's Nazi-past mentality, and his lack of higher education. Oh, how little the stupid ones in Washington really know.

Hezballah (Lebanon) and Hamas (Palestine) are Shi'a. So is the Al Mahdi Militia, also known as the Mahdi Army. This gangster militia was created by the Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, living in Baghdad with roots in Iran. These Islamist gangsters rose to international prominence in 2004 when the Mahdi Melitia spearheaded the first major armed confrontation against the occupation forces in Iraq.

Both the Mahdi Melitia, mostly active in Baghdad, and the Badr Brigade, mostly active in Southern Iraq, have the same agenda. No matter how one classifies these militias, the Mahdi Militia/Army, Badr Brigade, Hezbollah, and Hamas receive their financial support and marching orders from the Mullahs in Iran.

The Mahdi Mlitia and the Badr Brigade in Iraq are armed gangster militias, acting contrary to the elected governments of the countries in which they live and operate, as are Hamas and Hezbollah. Would we tolerate that in the U. S.? Absolutely not! Then, why are we tolerating it in an area where we are getting our pants beat off of us? Does someone in Washington secretly really want to lose the Middle East? That's what we are doing, and that is not a secret.

What about Al Qaeda? Osama and his followers are Sunni Wahhabist, strict fundamentalist Islamist dominant in the United Arab Emirates, especially Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Simply think, women have no rights, and no religious tolerance exists. The only law is fundamentalist Islamic Law, or Sharia.

Saddam is a secularist, but comes from a Sunni background, a less fundamentalist Sunni sect than extreme Wahhabism. Think before Saddam was toppled: All faiths tolerated, many women and men wore western dress, all females were allowed to go to school as far as their intelligence could take them, hold important jobs, and might even drive a car if their father or husband approved. Wow! That was big for a Muslim country.

Well, it's all gone now. Islamic law is being strickly and often harshly enforced. Approximately 1,500 Iraqi's are murdered every month, and that's just an estimate, because no one makes an official count.

For thirty years, Saddam Hussein was the buffer, the strong arm that kept the peace between sectarian factions through secularism. We supported him to keep the Shi'a down in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and Syria. He was a bad tyrant, but he was our tyrant, and he did his job well.

Then, all of a sudden some idiots in Washington decided it would be good for their election in 2004 if Saddam were taken out. (Remember, they were never technically elected in 2000.) Anyway, the word went out with zest, "He's a bad, yea evil, man." And, so they took him down. They played big macho, cowboy bullies and, yes, Rove relished playing his hand of Nazi propaganda cue cards for the words his little puppets spoke. The media in America played the pre-edited visuals the U.S. Goverment supplied them ad infinitum.

Iraq, a breathtakingly beautiful country, the cradle of many religions, art, philosophy, and keeper of priceless historical artifacts is now destroyed. It will never be again no matter how much money is spent on "reconstruction." Saddam is down but, perhaps, not out. Just ponder that for a moment.

Meanwhile, the Shi'a see their dream to rule Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria growing ever closer to realization. Instead of hating G. W. Bush, they should kiss his feet and the feet of all those in the Bunch, because the entire stupid Bunch has now facilitated the strengthening of the Shi'a fundamentalists, and its militias.

The seesaw continues: Sunni up there/ Shi'ite down there - Sunni down here/Shi'ite up here-- Sunni down . . . . So it goes, and so it shall. I think you get the picture.

However, as long as the militias are functioning there will be no peace in the Middle East, or anywhere else, no matter who is up or down on the seesaw. Why can't the big boys who are calling all the moves from the U. S. through the U. N. and all around the globe, pull their heads out from between their legs, see the problem, and solve it? Why can't both political parties in America get together, put America first, and fix this thing?

Bottom line? To stop the terrorism, win the "war" on terrorism, bring peace to Iraq, and eventually to the Middle East, the militias must be shut down one country at a time, starting with Iraq! Starting right now!!

All the politicians harp that we need a plan, well there it is, Mimi's Roadmap to Peace in Iraq and the Middle East.

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