Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Examples posted by Zeyad, 1 June, on his blog, "Healing Iraq":

Gemini: Your parents have been nagging you to lay low and leave the country. Yet you are worried about an imminent death squad attack against your area. Plan your escape route carefully and keep a spare grenade for emergencies. Attack day: Thursday. Grenade No.: 5

Leo: A tip from one of your friends wrongfully ends you up in an occupation detention camp. Learn to distinguish friend from foe. Avoid female American jail wardens, unless you like to explorethe arts of exhibitionism and BDSM. Arrest day: Friday. Prison cell No.: 26

Libra: Things are slowing down in your neighborhood. Your fellow watch-team members have nothing to do but smoke and trade mobile ring tones all night. It would probably not be a bad idea to take some time off from your guard duties and pay more attention to your love life. Lucky day: Monday. Street No.: 27

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