Thursday, March 23, 2006


"Leave Iraq to the Iraqis," was the topic of Faiza Al-Araji's speech March 21, in Davis, CA. I communicate with Faiza and her family, so here I shall call her Faiza. She is a civil engineer, a blogger (A Family in Baghdad), an activist for women (Women Say No to War), a religious Shia with a Sunni husband, and a mother of three sons. After her middle son Khalid (see July 2005 Archive link at right) was held as a political prisoner by the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior, the family fled to Jordan. Her oldest son Raed now lives in Northern California.

Read article about the speech. Also, a film was shown, a portion of which appeared in Michael Moore’s film “FAHRENHEIT 9-11.

You can read the son's blogs: Khalid, Majed, Raed.

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