Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Sorry. I have been busy following this year's Oscar race, and publishing on my "Mimi at the Movies" blog. However, yesterday I took at look at Riverbend's "Baghdad Burning" blog. That was the title she gave it when she started it at the time of the U. S. invasion of Iraq. Now, three years on, the title is still relevant. So sad. The current U. S. administration has accomplished nothing there except death and destruction. Whatever they themselves claim to have accomplished is being unraveled thread by thread every single day.

Riverbend's post "And the Oscar Goes to...," posted March 6 is very creative. I think you might find it interesting, if your brain isn't too stuffed with ideologically bad theology. Check it out. You will either not understand it, be upset by it, or shout, "Right on!" You will, however, be better informed about the situation in Iraq.

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