Thursday, July 14, 2005

Khalid's Adventure Gets Worse

Hurricane Dennis blew through, dumping rain, but we had no flooding. There was wind, but not strong enough to cause any damage.

Having one's house robbed is bad, but getting abducted and ending up in jail is worse. No one had heard from Khalid for two days. Today, his brother Raed posted that Khalid was abducted while at Baghdad University where he is a student.

I don't understand it but, apparently, he is being held in some kind of government jail run by something known as the
"National Iraqi Intelligence Organization" or "Mukhabarat." Raed did not give the actual name of the jail. One would suppose the Mukhabarat was the name of the jail from the post, but it's the name of the organization. Khalid has not been charged with any crime yet. Khalid charged with a crime? Impossible.

You can read the details yourself at
Raed in the Middle. Everyone hopes that he gets out soon and returns safely to his family's summer home.

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