Sunday, July 03, 2005

It Worked, Plus Watermelons

K, it worked! That makes me happy. However, we must be careful on this blog. Neither of us want to get in trouble with Big Brother. Mine, or yours! So, no politics, nothing about the invasion of Iraq, the insurgency, occupying forces, religion etc., etc.

Please, take some advice from the old sage here. Do not go back to school this fall. Take some time for K and your family. Kick back. Take a vacation. Anything you can do that will take you out of you-know-where. Preferably far away. You need to clear your head, meet new people, experience new places and, above all, shed the stress. I think it would be great for you. Take a year off. You deserve it!!!

It is summer here, but not as hot as where I think you are. The harvest is bountiful, and we have water and electricity, an abundance of all. Thank God. The melons are coming in. Do you like watermelons? I can go out in the field and get one whenever I want. I like this time of year.

I am sure you did well on the exams. I saw some things your brother, the architect, has done. He's very talented, but he knows that. ;-D

Later, gator.

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