Friday, June 06, 2008

Barack Obama is NOT a Black Man

Senator Obama
Senator Barack Hussein Obama Jr. (IL), has repeatedly been referred to as a black man. He is not. He is the son of a white woman and a black man. That classifies him as a mulatto.

As to the word mulatto, it comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word mulato, which means brown-skinned and is pronounced "mu-lah-toe"). In contrast, the English mulatto is usually pronounced "mu-laa-toe," halfway between a short and long "a".

The English definition of a mulatto is: Any person with one white parent and one black parent. Obama is neither totally black nor white. He is a mulatto. As such, Obama is the first mulatto presumptive presidential nominee the U.S. has ever had, and he has, indeed, made history in American politics beyond being a U.S. Senator.

I have noticed that, belatedly, most of the media have now come to the realization that it is incorrect to refer to him as "black," and are now saying, " . . . the first African-American . . . " That is the better choice.

The definition for African-American is: A black American with African ancestry. This definition allows over 90% of black Americans to claim that they are African-Americans. However, in Obama's case, he has proof that his father was born in Africa (Kenya), and his mother Ann Dunham was born in the U.S. Thus, he is truly an African-American. The genuine article!

Now, please point out to anyone who incorrectly identifies him as a "black" man, that he is not, but he is African-American and, as such, he is the first African-American male to become a presumptive nominee to be a candidate in a national election for the Office of the President of the United States of America.

Click title of this post for the latest personal, career, voting record, etc., about Obama. I have found that his middle name, Hussein, is his Kenyan grandmother Sara Obama's maiden name. He is the son of the late Kenyan economist Barack Hussein Obama Sr. who, for the record, could have been classified as a black man because he was very dark-skinned.

After checking the Additional Biographical link on that page, I discovered that the senator and I have the same tastes in movies, music, and food. Plus, we both have two daughters, and do not have a pet.

It is also interesting to note that, unlike singer Michael Jackson and talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, he doesn't appear to have had a nose job. That's the whole enchilada.

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