Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mimi's Back!

Sorry for being away for over a month. I haven't actually been anywhere geographically, simply busy posting on my Mimi at the Movies blog, and a couple of my other movie pages. I'm usually not tardy from this blog during the height of the movie awards season, which really heats up after Christmas and climaxes with the Academy Awards®. This year everything was crowded together.

In addition, most of the political primaries were moved to earlier dates, and there was that big Super Tuesday. I voted, and pledged to myself that I was not going to post anything political until the candidates for both parties had been decided. So far, I have stuck to that. However, I am interested in following them, and that takes time, too.

The Democratic race will now probably go to the convention in June, unless either Senators Clinton or Obama get the required number of delegates to win the nomination outright. That doesn't seem likely without the votes from Michigan and Florida.

I hope the decision comes down to the convention. The TV ratings for the political conventions in both parties have been in consistent decline. It would be wonderful to have an old-time Democratic knock-down maneuvering convention like they used to be. What fun they were!

The Democrats must resolve the problem of the 300-plus votes in Michigan and Florida now lost to the candidates and the delegates lost to the Denver Convention. I think they will, but we may not know the final results of that debacle until the end of May.

There has been a lot happening in the world on which I wanted to comment, but I haven't had enough time to do it. I'll try to do better.

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