Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Today, 70 more people were killed, or maimed, in Iraq. G. W.'s new strategy of sending over 20,000 more Americans to fight there is not what the majority of the American people seem to want. I, and many others, are concerned because that strategy involves more death and maiming of human beings, and there was not a single mention in the strategy for a political solution. Meantime, the only solution is to throw bodies and money at Iraq. G. W. ignored the Baker-Hamilton report and turned to the American Enterprise Institute.

American Enterprise Institute was founded to make sure that G. W. Bush was installed in the White House. I say "installed" because, as far as I am concerned, he was not elected in 2000. He was put there through chicanery, instigated by Karl Rove and validated by the U. S. Supreme Court. The Institute is Republican and hawkish. So, of course G. W. listens to this gang of unelected neocons.

Anyway, Saddam is dead, but his ghost will forever haunt us, all Americans. Have a Happy New Year? I do not think any of us will.

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