Friday, November 04, 2005

Free Copy of the Koran

Received a complimentary copy of the Qur’an (Koran) today from CAIR – The Council on American-Islamic Relations. It’s big, heavy, and beautifully printed in English, Arabic script, as well as the alphabetic-version of the script, with extensive notes. It’s official title is The Message of the Qur’an: Translated and Explained by Muhammad Asad. Dubai: Oriental Press, 2003. However it is copyrighted by The Book Foundation, Bristol, England:

I requested it over seven months ago, but they had so many requests that the supply was exhausted by early summer, and I was placed on the waiting list. It has been worth the wait. CAIR is still giving them out for no cost, and you can click the title above the access their Web site, or here:

Meanwhile, I’m so far behind in my snail mail, e-mail, Web-page updates, personal business, etc., that I estimate the first chance I will be able to start reading it will be between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Well, it will make a good start for 2006, don’t you think?

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